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Semiotics of African American Culture in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon By Stephanie Denise Johnson
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Song of Solomon remains close to its literary roots by motifs prevalent in its text. These motifs, search for identity, oral tradition, and flight, are some of the many distinguishing... More > characteristics, or semiotics, of the African American literary canon. Morrison uses this text and its themes to convey meaning and to teach a powerful lesson to her audience: it is imperative to honor our ancestors by acknowledging, understanding, and reverencing their importance to world history. The wisdom the reader gains from the lesson frees her or him to prepare for a more viable future.< Less
Portraits of Trayvon By Stephanie Denise Johnson
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In this publication, you will find images of Martin supporters at various rallies and vigils protesting the injustice surrounding the fact that the Sanford police failed to arrest George Zimmerman... More > immediately following his murder of Trayvon. Of course, Zimmerman was eventually arrested after the pressure from concerned citizens swelled into a large tidal wave drenching our country in an emotional call to action reminiscent of those characteristic of the American socio-political movements of the 1960s. With each photo, you will find the information that was available regarding the date, the location, and the event. Few interpretations are given because the images speak for themselves; their rhetoric, while visual, goes beyond physical sight to impact the pathos of our collective zeitgeist: a pathos so profound, it effectively challenges the logos and ethos of arguments persisting in the psyche of a country with a tattered past. This photo book is only a snapshot of this most pertinent discourse.< Less
Got Faith? By Stephanie Johnson
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Got Faith? is a journal that creates an opportunity for the writer to record life events and use biblical scripture as a lens to evaluate and assess spiritual revelation from those events.
Notes from Worship By Stephanie Denise Johnson
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Notes from Worship is a structured journal that allows worshipers to create a handwritten compilation of personal notes while listening to sermons.