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    Established by Stephanie Johnson in 2006, and formerly known as The Prosperity Project, S. Denise Johnson Enterprises, is focused on providing quality work in the areas of teaching, research, and public service. 

     Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida State University and her Master of Science in Secondary English Education from Florida A & M University. She has taken advantage of several opportunities to present her research at conferences in Philadelphia, New York, and Honolulu.

    An educator, published author, and performing artist, Stephanie served as editor of the Negro Educational Review while matriculating at FAMU; since then, she has written for the Howard Magazine, appeared in the article “Praise and Prosper,” published in the March 2007 issue of Upscale Magazine, and self-published four books. She has also served as a textbook reviewer for several major publishing companies, including Penguin Books and Random House.  A 2001 'Showtime at the Apollo' Amateur Night winner, Stephanie has appeared in several independent gospel theatrical productions, as well as an off-Broadway production of Smokey Joe's Cafe.

     Currently, she works as a Banker and an adjunct Associate Professor, teaching both military and civilian students around the world.

Why us?

Composing Ourselves.

Composing Our World..

Our mission is to implement various business and philanthropic strategies that promote projects designed to evoke positive change in the lives of others.

We envision a community where people are able to effectively express themselves to evoke positive individual, societal, and world change through scholarly research and various modes of writing.

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